What Makes Ready-Mix Concrete Ready to Mix?

by | Dec 5, 2018

At Knight’s, we are your local experts in concrete services to help you complete your commercial or residential construction project. We offer different types of concrete for different needs to help you get the product that is just right for your project. Knight’s Redi-Mix is our division of ready-mix concrete that we can deliver right to your worksite.

What Is Ready-Mix Concrete?

People often wonder what exactly makes ready-mix concrete what it is. Ready-mix concrete is a mix of concrete that is delivered to the site of a construction project where it is poured onsite. The reason it is called ready-mix is because the mixture is ready to pour when it arrives. In some cases, concrete mixes rely on aggregates and additives that are found at the construction site. This method results in a lower-quality, imprecise mix, leaving much to be desired when it comes to the end result.

Ready-mix solutions are formulated specifically for the project that the order was made for, using a precise combination of cement, water, and any aggregates added to the mix. The cement is that part of the concrete that creates its familiar sturdiness. Water is the ingredient necessary to create the chemical reactions which activate the cement. Aggregates are pieces of rocks or sand, and add a certain amount of volume to the concrete.

At Knight’s, the mixture is formulated in a specialized, indoor environment where the temperature, moisture level, and measurements can be controlled easily. This ensures that the mix ends up at just the right weight, strength, and density needed for the given project.

Advantages of Ready-Mix

The main advantage of using a ready-mix concrete solution is that there is no mystery when it comes to the quality of the product and how it will set. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your concrete is of a high quality and that it will work ideally for your project. It also helps streamline the process of any construction project because you can expect fewer delays. It also allows you to not have to spend any time gathering aggregates onsite. While your mix is in the process of being formulated, you can prepare the site for pouring, saving loads of time.

Transporting and Pouring

Ready-mix concrete is transported to the worksite by commercial-grade trucks. These trucks are fitted with rotating barrels that contain the ready-mix concrete in order to prevent the concrete from setting before it gets to the worksite.

When it comes to pouring the concrete solution, you will want to have enough workers on hand to make sure the end result is satisfactory. Protect any existing concrete or spots that could get splashed with duct tape or tarps. Of course, be sure to know exactly how much concrete you will need ahead of time. Pour the concrete in small sections and make sure your tools are on hand and your workers are ready to smooth out the concrete, add any joints, and get it into the shape of the desired end result.

For quality results you can count on, contact Knight’s Redi-Mix division for your next project.


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