Does Your Project Require High-Performance Concrete?

by | Apr 25, 2019

If you are undertaking a significant commercial construction project, odds are you will need to use concrete to bring your project to completion. While concrete itself is one of the most commonly used materials in construction, your construction project may need a type of concrete that isn’t so common. The specific needs of your construction project will determine the type of concrete you should order (link to blog about how to order concrete), and it’s possible your project could demand high-performance concrete.

What Is High-Performance Concrete?

Many construction projects can rely on a standard ready-mix formula to get the job done, but special applications will require a specialized formula. High-performance concrete isn’t one specific type of concrete, but rather a blanket term that refers to concrete mixed using methods, ingredients, and ratios for a specific purpose. One of the main aspects of high-performance concrete that remains the same across the board, even if the formula is actually lower in compressive strength, is the increased durability. Many high-performance concrete mixes are made to provide higher compressive strength as well.

High-performance concrete generally uses most of the same materials as conventional concrete, just with modified ratios compared to a conventional mix. High-performance concrete can also include additives, such as fibers derived from steel manufacturing, anti-corrosive chemicals, and more.

Purposes of High-Performance Concrete

When a specific need arises for any given construction project, a high-performance mix can be formulated. One of the most common types of high-performance concrete is high compressive strength concrete, which is made when the concrete needs to handle unusually heavy loads. Concrete rated as 8,000 psi compressive strength or higher is typically used for these purposes.

There are also projects where the concrete needs to set faster than conventional concrete. High-performance concrete can be made in a way that allows it to set very quickly.

Another very common application of high-performance concrete is for resistance to abrasion. This purpose is slightly different than high compressive strength concrete that needs to bear abnormally heavy objects. This specific type of high-performance concrete is often used for exceptionally high-traffic situations where requiring minimal maintenance is valuable, such as bridges or busy warehouses. This type of concrete is also used to resist the flow of water or the corrosive properties of seawater.

At Knight’s, our Redi-Mix division is ready to formulate a specialized, high-performance concrete mix for your construction project. We can create a ready-mix batch for a wide variety of applications, including contact with seawater, high and early strength, farms, warehouses, and much more.

We know how to create the ideal mix when you need concrete that is strong, resistant to corrosion, and low-maintenance. We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions or assume one project will be the same as the last. We consider the specific needs of your project and the unique challenges that your concrete will need to overcome. We also have qualified drivers and well-maintained trucks to transport your made-to-order mix directly to your site. Contact us today for success on your next commercial construction project.

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