The Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Structures

by | May 25, 2018

Over the years, there have been many developments in the way construction projects are completed. One of these developments has come in the form of a much more efficient way to produce concrete forms for large-scale building projects. Precast concrete structures are manufactured in a controlled casting environment, allowing for higher quality control and better uniformity before they are taken to job sites and installed. Knight’s Precast is located in Summerville, SC and Richmond Hill, GA and focuses on designing quality precast solutions such as wet wells, junction boxes, curb inlets, and box culverts for industrial projects. With over 20 years experience, Knight’s Precast can introduce you to the many benefits that come from using precast concrete structures.

Higher Quality and More Durable

Precast structures are designed in controlled environments, making them very high quality and able to withstand strong elements. Their high span-to-depth ratio allows them to bear loads more efficiently than structures prepared on site, and they require considerably less workforce to design and install. During manufacturing, an accelerated curing process dramatically increases the strength gain of the forms, leaving you with an extremely durable design. This strength makes precast concrete structures a perfect solution for large buildings, parking structures, and marinas.

Fireproof Design

One of the most significant benefits of precast concrete is its fireproof attribute. When properly designed and installed, a prefabricated design can help limit the ability for fires to spread. Since precast concrete doesn’t catch fire, it is an excellent solution for building walls in stairwells and office buildings, keeping workers better protected in the case of an emergency. Precast concrete designs are also resistant to chemicals and rust, maintaining its high integrity in the event of a disaster.

Better Noise Reduction

Since precast concrete is made to be very dense, it is the material of choice for any building projects that require soundproofing solutions. For large, commercial buildings in metropolitan areas, precast concrete can limit noise transfer from the outside and from floor to floor. Precast concrete is denser and more durable than traditional concrete options, allowing it to absorb sounds and limit acoustics. This soundproofing design makes it an excellent choice for residential and commercial jobs alike.

Easy Installation

Off-site manufacturing of concrete designs expedites building projects as precast products are not dependent on agreeable weather conditions or other environmental factors. Once the prefabricated designs get finished, they can be transferred directly to job sites and be used in construction immediately. Knights Precast has a separate trucking division explicitly used for the transfer of prefabricated concrete pieces to job sites. This extra care ensures your product remains protected during shipment and is ready to be safely installed on site.

There are many benefits precast concrete offers to residential and commercial building projects. Precast concrete is durable, affordable, and safe to use in a variety of formats. Knights Precast is a trusted source for contractors in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina looking for high-quality precast concrete artistry and superior customer service.

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