The Basics of Concrete: Forms, Prices, and Uses

by | Nov 13, 2018

Some may think that concrete is a straightforward product with little room for variation in quality or application. However, if you want a job done in a way that will result in sound structures that stand the test of time, you will want to use the proper type of concrete. Knowing what kind and how you will need, and how much you should expect to pay for it, can also help you plan your budget as well.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is formulated to meet the requirements of a specific job. The term for ready-mix concrete explains its convenience and quality pretty concisely: the mix you get is ready to use for your specific job once it arrives. Ready-mix concrete is made by mixing cement with water, sand, and various types of rocks. The measurements of each ingredient used will vary based on the weight, strength, and density of concrete the particular job calls for.

Ready-mix concrete solutions are ideal for setting foundations for buildings, creating roadways for bridges, building retaining walls, and many other construction projects. Our Knight’s Redi-Mix division creates concrete at our batch plants in South Carolina to meet the needs of our customers.

Precast Concrete

Whereas ready-mix concrete uses a specialty mix that is poured at a work site, precast concrete products are poured into a mold in a highly controlled manufacturing site. Precast concrete pieces are used for tasks that require more precision and shaping than a simple pour can achieve. Precast concrete products typically require using molds that can’t practically be transported to a work site and are instead made using special equipment found in a factory setting. Precast is also often cured at separate site using artificial environments you wouldn’t find on a construction site.

Precast is often used to create interior or exterior walls, heavy-duty storage units, or for special purposes that require unique shapes. Knight’s Precast division specializes in creating products for sewers, drains, septic systems, and electrical units. Our precast concrete products are made using specialty formulas that are ideal for specific project demands in our manufacturing plant in South Carolina.


Precast concrete tends to be the preferred form of concrete not just because of its quality, but because it is more cost-effective than using a ready-mix solution. Using a ready-mix solution works best for those projects that require very large pieces of concrete that are simply impractical to transport, but precast offers the most precise shapes and sizes while getting the most for your money – where they are practical.

At Knight’s, we offer both precast and ready-mix solutions that are tailored to the needs of your work site and construction project. Contact us today to get a quote and get your project started.

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