Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

by | Dec 19, 2018

For your next commercial construction project, look into installing concrete floors for exceptional strength, a sleek appearance, and flooring that will last. At Knight’s, we know concrete well, and we believe your business will benefit from excellent concrete services. As with any material you may choose for your floors, there are trade-offs to consider so knowing more about how concrete will affect your commercial construction project will be helpful.

Pros of Concrete Floors

Durability: Concrete is a very strong material, and is the preferred choice when it comes to surfaces that may be subject to a significant amount of stress, such as factories, warehouses, or gyms. Using wood, tile, or linoleum will result in floors that may not be sturdy enough to handle some of the objects that may fall onto it. Concrete, however, will be able to withstand the weight of just about anything that might come in contact with the surface.  

Easy Maintenance: One property of concrete that makes it so beneficial for commercial use is that it is incredibly easy to maintain. Concrete, when sealed properly, will remain unaffected by spills, dropped objects, or dirty shoes walking all over it. This means any debris found on your concrete floors can be cleaned up in the way that is quickest for custodial staff.

Beautiful Design: Innovations in concrete finishing can turn what may have seemed like a dull appearance into a full-fledged work of art. Adding a concrete floor is a great way to make a statement with a sleek and creative finish. Certain dyes can be applied to the concrete mix to add dynamic color for a unique appearance. You can also add specific stain tones to your concrete to add even more texture and beauty. You can even find stencils that allow you to print clever designs into the concrete.

Cons of Concrete

Hardness: One possible drawback of using concrete for flooring is that it is unforgiving in the event someone falls. However, this is often more of a concern for residential floors, particularly if the residents include children or the elderly. For any business, using properly placed wet floor signs when needed should help people avoid potentially dangerous falls. In addition, if the floor is for a business such as a preschool, you can use concrete as a base before adding a softer layer on top.

Cracking: Since concrete has very little give, it can make it susceptible to cracking at times due to changes in temperature. This can be avoided by placing subtle joints in the flooring to create guided, intentional cracking. These joints can even become part of a design scheme to enhance the appearance of your commercial floors. Using creative stain finishes can also help cover up any unintentional cracking. If you need concrete services in Columbia, South Carolina or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact Knight’s. We offer high-quality ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and septic services to help your construction projects go smoothly.  

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