How Concrete Is Transported to the Job Site

by | Dec 18, 2018

When you’re dealing with a material like concrete, it takes some substantial power to get it where it needs to go. Concrete is a very heavy material, and there is usually quite a bit of it used at any given work site. At Knight’s, this task isn’t taken lightly. We understand how vital it is to get concrete where it needs to go and we use the best practices to ensure reliable and punctual delivery.

Transporting Ready-Mix Concrete

Knight’s Redi-Mix division creates highly specialized formulas that are made or specific projects. This mix needs to be made in a controlled environment to make sure the concrete reaches the right density, strength, and weight. This controlled environment can only be achieved at a manufacturing site away from the work site where it will be poured.

To get the ready-mix concrete to the work site, it needs to be transported in a large and powerful tanker truck. In the amount of time it takes to get to any given worksite, the concrete may begin to set already. To get around this problem, the tank rotates constantly during the trip to prevent the concrete from setting, keeping the concrete wet and ready to pour. The concrete truck also comes with an attached discharge chute that makes pouring the concrete straight from the truck easier. There may be some jobs where multiple concrete trucks are needed for pouring.

Transporting Precasts

Precast concrete is very different from ready-mix, but also similar in some ways. Precasts are already set into a specific shape before they reach the work site and only need to be installed once at the site. One way precasts are similar to ready-mix concrete is that they too need to be made in a highly controlled, factory environment. This is to ensure the concrete sets the way it’s supposed to, achieving the right shape and strength.

The thing about transporting precasts is it takes quite a bit of power. Precasts can get heavy pretty quickly as the size increases. Precasts get to the work site by being tightly strapped down in a flatbed truck and driven carefully to where it needs to go. This process often involves other smaller trucks escorting the flatbed with flashing lights and taking it slow due to the large load. Once the precast is at the work site, cranes and other heavy machinery carefully remove the precast pieces from the flatbed and place them into their designated locations within the construction project. At Knight’s, we implement careful strategies to make sure our products get to our customers securely and on time. That’s why we have our own fleet of trucks and team of expert drivers ready to take our concrete wherever it needs to go. We choose this option over subcontracting to increase our reliability and streamline the process for everyone. ContactKnight’s today to get quality concrete and transport services for your next big project.

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