Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Tips for Placing Cold Weather Concrete

Mixer truck discharging in pump truck on a cold day.

Baby, its cold outside! Just like hot weather, cold weather effects the setting characteristics and strength of concrete, too. Once average daily temperatures fall below 40 degrees more than three days in a row, contractors and suppliers should start taking the necessary precautions to prevent a placement from being affected. There are ACI guidelines specifying…

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How to Prepare a Site for Concrete

Workers preparing a site for concrete

For any construction site, having quality concrete services prepare your mix is key to making sure your concrete serves your construction project well. But simply getting high-quality concrete to your work site and having the right concrete placing tools won’t be enough to make sure your concrete will turn out well and last a long…

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How Concrete Is Transported to the Job Site

Knight's concrete truck at factory

When you’re dealing with a material like concrete, it takes some substantial power to get it where it needs to go. Concrete is a very heavy material, and there is usually quite a bit of it used at any given work site. At Knight’s, this task isn’t taken lightly. We understand how vital it is…

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