Using Tilt-Up Concrete in Your Commercial Construction Project

Concrete is a trustworthy material that has been used in construction for literally thousands of years. The quality of concrete is evidenced by the fact that many of these ancient structures still stand even to this day. This ancient construction material has seen plenty of innovations throughout history, from the inclusion of Portland cement to…

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What Makes Ready-Mix Concrete Ready to Mix?

Ready mix concrete being poured

At Knight’s, we are your local experts in concrete services to help you complete your commercial or residential construction project. We offer different types of concrete for different needs to help you get the product that is just right for your project. Knight’s Redi-Mix is our division of ready-mix concrete that we can deliver right…

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What Does a Customer Value When it Comes to Concrete?

A concrete job done right

At Knight’s, we take great care to ensure the products we offer are reliable, durable, and are of an overall excellent quality. Our company and its divisions were made to serve our customers’ needs. We understand what our customers value when it comes to concrete and constantly strive to deliver service that meets and exceeds…

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What Are Joints and How Do They Help Concrete?

concrete joints

When using concrete for any type of job, there are many elements that go into making sure the final product turns out looking as envisioned and the structures are as sound as possible. One of the most important practices to achieve this goal is the use of joints. There are several types of joints that…

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Ways to Utilize Concrete in Your Next Construction Project

Utilizing concrete

Concrete can be used for a wide range of types of projects and can be useful for different elements within each project. Here are a few ways you can use this strong, durable product in your next project. Creating a Sewage or Septic System for Your New Building Whether you need drainage for a new…

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The Basics of Concrete: Forms, Prices, and Uses

Precast concrete one of the basic uses

Some may think that concrete is a straightforward product with little room for variation in quality or application. However, if you want a job done in a way that will result in sound structures that stand the test of time, you will want to use the proper type of concrete. Knowing what kind and how…

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Why What Type of Concrete You Use Matters

Using the right type of concrete

When it comes time to start on your next big construction project, one of the main decisions you will need to make is the type of concrete you will need to use. There are many types of concrete materials and different forms that concrete comes in and it’s important to determine which one is right…

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Different Uses for Concrete

different uses for concrete

Concrete has been used for countless types of construction throughout the years. Its uses are prolific, and variations of concrete date all the way back to ancient civilizations. Today, concrete is used all around us. From urban areas to rural communities and all the suburban neighborhoods in between, construction companies use it for businesses, homes,…

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