Comparing Asphalt and Concrete

asphalt versus concrete

When you need to build a parking lot or a driveway for your commercial construction project, there are usually two directions people choose to go. One option is to use asphalt for the project, which is a common material typically used for roads. The other option is to use concrete, which makes a big difference…

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What Is Portland Cement?

Portland cement

If you’ve been in the construction industry for any amount of time, and especially if you’ve worked with concrete, you have likely heard of Portland cement. This name may seem like a brand to some people or perhaps make you think it is cement from Portland, but it is in fact a term that refers…

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How to Prepare a Site for Concrete

Workers preparing a site for concrete

For any construction site, having quality concrete services prepare your mix is key to making sure your concrete serves your construction project well. But simply getting high-quality concrete to your work site and having the right concrete placing tools won’t be enough to make sure your concrete will turn out well and last a long…

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Polishing Concrete: How to Do it and Why

Polishing concrete

Once you have placed your concrete floor for your commercial project, finished out the surface, and let it set for the appropriate amount of time, there is often still another step you can take to further improve it. Polishing the surface of your new commercial concrete floor can be an excellent way to enhance the…

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Pouring Concrete in Different Seasons

Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete for your worksite takes a significant amount of care and attention to detail. You need to make sure you have your shapes and joints planned out and your workers are prepared to make sure the concrete sets exactly how you want it to. During certain seasonal extremes, you will need to take extra…

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Knight’s Companies Among Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina

Knight's Companies are in the news!

Almost 50 years in business and still growing! Summerville, SC (November 5, 2018) – On October 25, 2018, the Roaring Twenties gala was held by SC Biz News, celebrating the state’s fastest growing companies, including Knight’s Companies of Summerville. Based on their gross revenue, Knight’s competed in the large business category and is proud to…

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Don’t Be a Skeptic About Septic

Worker maintaining a septic system

At Knight’s, we offer services to companies or individuals who need quality products and a job done right. While we currently offer specialized and custom concrete services for multiple types of projects, we got started by offering septic services in the Summerville tri-county area and we continue our septic services today. You may not see…

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What Does a Customer Value When it Comes to Concrete?

A concrete job done right

At Knight’s, we take great care to ensure the products we offer are reliable, durable, and are of an overall excellent quality. Our company and its divisions were made to serve our customers’ needs. We understand what our customers value when it comes to concrete and constantly strive to deliver service that meets and exceeds…

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Why What Type of Concrete You Use Matters

Using the right type of concrete

When it comes time to start on your next big construction project, one of the main decisions you will need to make is the type of concrete you will need to use. There are many types of concrete materials and different forms that concrete comes in and it’s important to determine which one is right…

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The Best Types of Concrete for Commercial Jobs

concrete for commercial projects

When it comes to completing a commercial construction project, the quality of the end result starts with choosing the right material. At Knight’s, we understand the importance of using the right materials to get the job done in a way that exceeds expectations. Whether it’s our concrete precasts or our redi-mix solutions, we always use…

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