Choosing a Commercial Concrete Producer in Columbia, SC

The success of any commercial construction project relies on having a good ready mixed supplier to supply concrete. Whether you need concrete for walls, parking lots, floors or drains, you want to make sure you turn to a concrete supplier you can trust. It can be tricky choosing the right concrete supplier while trying to…

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How to Use Precast Concrete in Your Commercial Construction Project

Any commercial construction project will rely on a variety of materials to achieve the desired final product. When you need a durable material to provide uncompromising structural integrity, choosing concrete is your best bet. There are many types of concrete you can use for your construction project, with different mixes resulting in properties that are…

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5 Myths About Concrete


From placing pavement to creating imaginative art pieces, concrete is far from being a one-trick pony. At Knight’s, we provide all types of excellent concrete service to South Carolina and the surrounding areas, and we are constantly refining our methods. There’s a surprising amount to learn about concrete and how it can be used for…

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6 Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Serviced

Septic System needing service

Having a quality septic system can be a great alternative to hooking your business or home up to a sewage system. And if you live outside of the city limits, a septic system may be your only way of getting rid of waste water. Septic systems are durable and can last a long time, but…

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Polishing Concrete: How to Do it and Why

Polishing concrete

Once you have placed your concrete floor for your commercial project, finished out the surface, and let it set for the appropriate amount of time, there is often still another step you can take to further improve it. Polishing the surface of your new commercial concrete floor can be an excellent way to enhance the…

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Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors


For your next commercial construction project, look into installing concrete floors for exceptional strength, a sleek appearance, and flooring that will last. At Knight’s, we know concrete well, and we believe your business will benefit from excellent concrete services. As with any material you may choose for your floors, there are trade-offs to consider so…

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