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People working with concrete

How to Prevent Injuries When Working with Concrete

While construction projects involve the rewarding task of turning a vision into a reality, there…

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Concrete pump at job site

Types of Concrete Pumps and How They Have Changed Construction

One of the biggest parts of construction is discovering new solutions that make the construction…

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decorative concrete in house

Using Decorative Concrete in Commercial Construction Projects

When people think of concrete, the most common image that likely pops into people’s heads…

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wire mesh in concrete poor

Using Wire Mesh vs Fibers with Concrete

Choosing concrete for a residential or commercial construction project is a great way to ensure…

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precast concrete structure

The Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Structures

Over the years, there have been many developments in the way construction projects are completed.…

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different uses for concrete

Different Uses for Concrete

Concrete has been used for countless types of construction throughout the years. Its uses are…

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Flooding and concrete

How Flooding Affects Concrete

Living near the coast means hurricane season can be one of the most dangerous times…

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Colored Concrete

What Is Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete, also known as decorative concrete, allows traditional grey concrete to be stained and…

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Ready mix concrete being poured

The Difference Between Cement and Concrete

There is a misconception that concrete and cement are interchangeable terms for the same substance,…

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