What Kind of Septic System Is Right for Me?

When you need expert septic tank services in the Summerville tri-county area, you can count on Knight’s to come through. Our septic experts have been providing high-quality septic system maintenance, installation, and repairs for decades, delivering excellent results. If you are planning a construction project for a commercial building or new residence, there are plenty…

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6 Signs Your Septic System Needs to Be Serviced

Septic System needing service

Having a quality septic system can be a great alternative to hooking your business or home up to a sewage system. And if you live outside of the city limits, a septic system may be your only way of getting rid of waste water. Septic systems are durable and can last a long time, but…

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Don’t Be a Skeptic About Septic

Worker maintaining a septic system

At Knight’s, we offer services to companies or individuals who need quality products and a job done right. While we currently offer specialized and custom concrete services for multiple types of projects, we got started by offering septic services in the Summerville tri-county area and we continue our septic services today. You may not see…

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How Do Septic Systems Work?

Septic leach field

When it comes to properly maintaining your home, most people typically concentrate on what they can see. However, proper plumbing and waste removal are necessary, although be it unpleasant, steps to residential construction and maintenance to protect the health of the community. Septic tank systems play a pivotal role in the safe disposal of sewage…

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