decorative concrete in house

Using Decorative Concrete in Commercial Construction Projects

When people think of concrete, the most common image that likely pops into people’s heads…

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wire mesh in concrete poor

Using Wire Mesh vs Fibers with Concrete

Choosing concrete for a residential or commercial construction project is a great way to ensure…

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Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

For your next commercial construction project, look into installing concrete floors for exceptional strength, a…

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Knight's concrete truck at factory

How Concrete Is Transported to the Job Site

When you’re dealing with a material like concrete, it takes some substantial power to get…

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Pouring concrete

Pouring Concrete in Different Seasons

Pouring concrete for your worksite takes a significant amount of care and attention to detail.…

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What Makes Ready-Mix Concrete Ready to Mix?

At Knight’s, we are your local experts in concrete services to help you complete your…

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Don’t Be a Skeptic About Septic

At Knight’s, we offer services to companies or individuals who need quality products and a…

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What Does a Customer Value When it Comes to Concrete?

At Knight’s, we take great care to ensure the products we offer are reliable, durable,…

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concrete joints

What Are Joints and How Do They Help Concrete?

When using concrete for any type of job, there are many elements that go into…

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Ways to Utilize Concrete in Your Next Construction Project

Concrete can be used for a wide range of types of projects and can be…

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